Back To School

Well, another summer has flown by!  Time for all the students to head back to school!

For the parents sending their children off to kindergarten, it can be a very stressful yet exciting time!  Kids are anxious; most of them have already met their teachers in the spring and are ready to get going.  Spend a little time with the little ones explaining what their day will look like.  For them the 1/2 day at school can feel like a lifetime at the beginning of the year but after a week or so they will settle in nicely.

For the grade ones attending a full day of school it can be exhausting – try not to overschedule these little ones until they get settled in.  Kids are so busy these days with sport and extra curricular activities that their school work can certainly suffer especially if they are exhausted.

As the students get older they understand the routine and expectations of school life, but getting them ready can certainly be tough.  They have so much going on in their daily lives with school, activities and that wonderful technology which seems to have taken over our lives.

Schools and teachers are an important and integral part of your children’s lives.  They will influence their daily routine and leaning structure so they really need your support.  In this day of hustle and bustle and over scheduling school routines can suffer.

Take the time to understand what support your school may need, whether its volunteering for hot lunch day, helping reading programs in the elementary school or spending time on fieldtrips and outings.

Don’t forget to set up bussing if your young ones need transportation.

Bring on the school year!  Before you know it will be Halloween and then Christmas.  Enjoy every minute with your little ones, before you know it they are taller than you, borrowing the car and waving good-bye before they head off to their own lives.  Let’s enjoy, love and support them while we can.

Michelle Eldjarnson
The REPs Group