Organizing a Closet

Oh boy!!! Thinking about our closets can put the fear and panic into people. It’s a common “little secret” that most of us just shut the closet door and ignore the mess- and I am guilty too!
So, it’s my turn. I am going to clean my closets in my house.

And the realtor in me knows that keeping closets organized and maintained truly helps when you decide to sell.
Hmmmm- but, where do I start? , it’s kinda overwhelming. I am told by experts that what can seem like a huge job, organizing my closets, is actually incredibly therapeutic … no, really!
Well, it’s time to find if this is true. It is a great time of year to tackle this project. The colder weather keeps us inside more, so an indoor project is perfect.
Here are my lessons learned
… here’s one big tip- start with one closet. Don’t look beyond one closet.
Professional organizers tell us that we get overwhelmed if we think about the whole project. Break it down into manageable tasks.

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Moving and….Christmas??? 

Yes- it does happen. People move during the Holidays.

Imagine your typical Christmas preparations and all the “over the top “ planning that occurs…wrapping, shopping, baking, shopping visiting, shopping, entertaining, school plays and concerts, eating and then add MOVING to a new home into that equation….Holy Reindeer!!

Talk about a recipe for stress…. But only, IF you let it.

Talking from experience, We Poiriers were new to Strathmore during the Holidays (years ago now)
There were soooo many things to consider but we wanted our Kids experience to be THE priority…. Because, lets face it- Christmas is for Family and especially the kids.

We had no other family here when we moved and we were in a new province.

But…. a WHITE Christmas was going to be a first for us….cool.

So we all sat down and made a list of NEW traditions …It was a perfect time to create new memories with new traditions. We all got to pick one new tradition each and 17 years later, each tradition is honoured -from “More than Ice Cream” for Christmas Eve Dinner (they were the only restaurant open that first year, and our waitress still remembers us each year) to skating outdoors on Christmas Day (only 2 Christmas’ we’ve had no ice to skate on but hiking in +15c sunny weather is a great substitute.)

Another important item that first year was an EARLY letter to Santa letting him know that we had moved, complete with directions on how to get to our new house… it was all good
Santa found us and we started our traditions …Strathmore was our NEW HOME

Traditions during the Holiday season are treasured memories; whether you are NEW to your town or have always lived there, keep traditions. Or start a new one.


Merry Christmas ALL!!

Fire Safety

Possibly one of the hardest things to ever imagine… is a house fire.

So hard to believe, in fact, that typically, more often than not, we ignore the thought and pretend it could never happen.

Which means – we don’t PLAN.

But, planning what you would DO in a fire is the KEY to surviving.

Let’s review together :

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We REPs get asked every year…

Should I sell my house this time of year ? Or should I take my house off the market for the holiday season?

We also hear- should I wait until spring to list my house?

Hold on to your Santa Hats…. The REPs are going to suggest that “TIMES are A-CHANGING ”

The theory used to be that buyers were too busy and preoccupied with Christmas plans like shopping, baking, parties and vacations

With all these things going on, buyers wouldn’t have time to be looking at properties too.

The REPs have a NEW way to look at it

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